Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 3

OMNI FOOT & CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC We’re Looking After Your Health! The worst shoes you can wear! 1. Ultra-High Heels They may look nice at first glance, but they are shoe-icide in the long run, as they can lead to everything from ankle sprains to chronic pain. 2. Ballet Flats Since there is no arch support whatsoever on this type of shoe, it’s like walking on cardboard and can eventually lead to knee, hip and back problems. 3. Flip Flops We covered this topic in the last issue of S&G: Stay away from Flip Flops! They offer very little foot protection and can cause splinters and other foot injuries. Like their friends the Ballet flats, they offer absolutely no arch support. 4. Platform Shoes Because of their rigid foot beds, platform shoes throw off the natural biomechanics of walking and don’t allow your foot to bend, putting a lot of pressure on the metatarsal bones. 5. Pointy Toe Shoes This type of shoe naturally squeezes the entire front of your foot together, and although you may think they look stylish, over time can cause nerve pain, bunions, hammertoes and blisters. If in doubt, ask us! We’re here to help! BURLINGTON LOCATION Burlington Professional Centre 3155 Harvester Rd., Suite 103 905-333-8555 $ 35 Seniors Day Call us in Burlington or Milton for complete details. Activity level and healthy feet Walking shoes are different than running shoes for a reason. Sports-specific shoes help protect against injury by providing appropriate support. Walking shoes for instance, integrate a strike path in the sole of the shoe, reducing strain from heel to toe. Get Fitted If you need an athletic shoe, visit a store that specializes in athletic footwear. Look for a shoe that fits your foot, but don't get hung up on size. Shoe size, like clothing size, can vary from brand to brand. You want a pair of shoes that fits comfortably on the first try. Remember that both feet are not usually the exact same size. Make sure you always buy shoes based on your larger foot's size. Check for Support The best shoes support your foot, both front and back. Back-less shoes actually alter the way you walk, and that can cause foot injuries and discomfort in the future. Look for shoes that are stiff in the middle, but bend at the ball of the foot. High heels are OK for special occasions, but consider selecting platform or wedge heels instead of Stilettos. Watch for Signs of Wear When your shoes start wearing out, it's time for a new pair. Check the tread and mid-sole – the cushiony part just before the sole. If the shoe displays signs of uneven wear, it's time to look for a new pair of shoes. Depending on your activity level, shoes may need to be replaced more frequently than once per year. Call Us Today To Book Your FREE Consultation! We are accepting new patients, and as always, no referrals are required. MILTON LOCATION OMNI Health and Rehab Centre 310 Main Street E., Suite 108 905-876-8885