Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 17

(905) 407-2550 Decks, fencing, carpentry, furniture restoration and repair, plumbing, electrical, tiling, flooring and more. …No job too small! the extremely popular product by DriCore Sub-flooring, as this product is great in principal but its composition will create mould under the right circumstances. Please also avoid using MDF (medium density fiberboard) anywhere in the basement: Cheap affordable baseboards and casing trim are often made of MDF, a good alternative that is still affordable would be finger jointed pine. Other important things to consider: Finishing materials. Don’t ever use carpet or wood materials on a basement floor. These products will absorb any moisture and create mould within 24 hours. The best materials to use are tile, laminate flooring or even vinyl (which has come a long way). If the floor temperature is a concern, consider adding in-floor heating (product prices have greatly reduced in the last few years). Age friendliness. I encourage people to build the smart way, which allows for aging in place without having to do it all over again later. Some items to consider: Le ٕȁ