Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 13

Af t e r B ef ore Photo restoration: A: Original B: Restored C: Final, colourized A B When it was received, the photo was permanently bonded to the picture glass and was carefully scanned through the glass – as removing it would have resulted in more damage. Digitally restoring a damaged photo requires using multiple computerized restoration techniques that are intended to remove water stains, restore lost detail in the shadow areas, darkening overly-bright areas, and carefully adjusting the photo to reveal hidden detail that’s been lost over the decades. The final product is now much smoother and brighter – we’ve eliminated all traces of the water damage and given the photo much of its original “snap”. The finished photo (B) is ready for printing and display as it stands. However, for customers who would like to have a touch of colour added to their restored photo, your Restorer has the knowledge to colourize a black and white photo (C). The little girl above remained unseen for upwards of 80 years, as her