Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 12 HOUSE + HOME A RAINY DAY PROJECT Restoring your old photos – By Robert Stephens Remember back in the 50’s or 60’s when Dad pulled out his film plates which have never been seen. We also have trays camera and took a snapshot of you, your siblings and Mom? It wound up as part of the family album and in some cases, framed and displayed on a living room table. When visiting Grandparents or elderly Aunts and Uncles, they would often pull out old albums that showed photos of themselves from their younger days. Sometimes, Grandpa would open an old leather binder and show you faded photos of his Grandparents or Great Grandparents that were taken in a time era you couldn’t even imagine as a young child. Those old leather binder pictures, many taken over a century ago, may have shown your ancestors arriving in Canada after deciding to come here and build a new life for themselves, starting a new family or a business. Today, these faded and all-but-forgotten pictures are sinking into history and are taking their captured memories with them. These people were all your ancestors and if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be here today. Many of our generation – the baby boomers – are taking an interest in their family history as they want to share and pass it onto their children and young grandchildren. We have photos, some of which are over a century old, or negative Fiona Hill Downsizing Downsizing, decluttering and move management for: Seniors moving to a smaller home/residence Family involved in a senior’s move or estate Executors & Powers-of-Attorney Executive transfers 905.330.4522 12 Check out our new website! full of 35 mm slides, old 8 and 16 mm film reels your uncle took with his home movie camera. Rather than let all these treasured heirloom photos slide into history, why not have an expert restore the faded and cracked photos, transfer your 35 mm slides and convert them into photos, or put the old film reels onto modern media for you? With modern computer technology, restoration and rescue of old photos has become affordable, and the restored photos can often look as good as the day they were taken. The finished and restored photos can be printed and framed if desired, archived on disc in a virtual album format or put into a self playing musical slide show for enjoyable viewing. Let’s have a look at what we can achieve for you starting from a “Rainy Day” photo browsing session... On the opposite page, the old wedding day photo of a young couple (A) was taken in 1916 just before the husband was sent overseas to serve in the Canadian Army. It darkened and faded over the course of time and at one point, water leaked into the frame and soaked the picture. As a result, mildew formed on the photo’s surface and is visible as numerous white spots. Access Personal Support, Ltd. Personal Support Services for the Elderly Providing cost effective, quality care for those in need. Please call Angela: 905-807-3100 or email: