Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 10 COMMUNITY Inspiring Our Community voice is inside a little box, and I’m going “ Your to open that box and expose it to the world. ” – NY music promoter and publisher, to Maggie McDonald (left) When Maggie MacDonald was discovered by a New York promoter and publisher while singing at the popular Queen’s Hotel in Fort Erie, her singing career took off. In 1971 Maggie sang in front of President Nixon at Constitution Hall, alongside the talented and great Frankie Laine. Maggie continues her love for music, educating young children and passing on the passion to them – she even wrote and recorded a Rap song! The Terryberry Library in Hamilton recently requested Maggie participate in The Human Library Book as her life is full of interesting stories. Maggie is the only woman in the last 111 years to receive the 50 year pin from the Canadian Federation of Musicians. A true inspiration in our community. do today to make a difference “ What canin Ianother woman’s life? ” – Melvina Walter Since early childhood Melvina Walter had a dream: To be a missionary. Helping others was her deepest desire. Melvina finally realized her dream at the Women’s Centre in Hopedale Mall (Oakville). The Centre opened 25 years ago and there she led programs, counselled thousands of women, and held many important roles including Executive Director for 16 years. Over the years Melvina has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts, receiving the Queen’s Jubilee medal, the Ontario Leading Women Building Communities award, the Ontario Good Citizenship award, and in 2014 a nomination for The Order of Ontario. A true inspiration in our community. has been the joy of my life – the “ Music thing that is always there for me. ” – Margo Jamieson Margo Jamieson has been playing the piano since age 8, and has always been grateful to her Mom for paying for her lessons even when it occasionally got financially tough – and for giving her that extra little push when needed! As a seasoned pianist, Margo has played at venues such as the Westin Harbourfront in Toronto, Living Arts Centre (Mississauga), Fallsview Casino (Niagara), Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington Sound of Music Festival, Paletta Mansion and many more private and public functions. 10 Whether it’s a classical melody to start the day, a swinging Sinatra tune at a party, or an uplifting gospel hymn, Margo has touched and uplifted thousands of people through her music. A true inspiration in our community. Check out