Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 20 WELL-BEING IT’S JUST NOT TRUE! Eating only salads will help you lose weight. False. Well, and also true, as it goes without saying that if you only eat salads then clearly you’d lose weight… but in a very unhealthy way – along with losing hair, bone density, teeth enamel, nail strength, shall we go on? If you’re trying to lose weight, choose salads that have added proteins such as grilled chicken, egg or sunflower seeds. Remember, it takes a lot of energy to burn off stored fat and bump up metabolism! It’s not rocket science: Just eat healthy and keep moving! If you have high cholesterol, stop eating eggs. False. A study (‘Food Chemistry’, 2011) found that eating eggs on a regular basis may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, can lower blood pressure, plus eggs are high in antioxidants, proteins, and are low in calories. The key is moderation, and the common recommendation by Holistic Food Nutritionists is to limit to 4-6 eggs per week. Speaking of eggs… Omega-3 eggs are better for you. False. Omega-3 is critical to neurological and coronary health development, but if you’re looking to increase your “omeganess” by eating these eggs, then you’d have to consume half a dozen eggs daily to satisfy the recommended 1,000 mg intake. You’re better off eating salmon or trout twice per week and taking a high quality supplement. Passion fruit lowers blood pressure. True. Passion fruit is high on potassium which helps to regular blood pressure. Same goes for bananas and apricots. Be sure to eat the real thing rather than drink the juice, as then you’ll avoid all the extra added sugars. Drinking diet pop is better than drinking regular pop. False, oh so false! The artificial sweeteners in diet pop slow down your metabolism and make you crave more sugar and carbohydrates. Instead – and if you must drink the stuff – serve 2/3 regular pop in a glass and add sparkling water. You’ll be used to the “toned down” flavour in no time. Carbohydrates make you fat. False. Loading up on sugary and refined-carbs – such as white bread, pasta, donuts and pastries, even beer (dubbed the “liquid bread”) – can increase your weight due to their lack of necessary nutrients vs. caloric intake. But cutting out carbs completely is damaging to your whole-health nutrition and main source of energy fuel and fibre. Instead, choose healthier carb-containing foods such as vegetables and beans (green beans, lentils), fruits (apples, bananas), whole grain foods (oatmeal, brown rice), seeds (sunflower, almonds). WHY SUGAR & PECTIN-FREE JAMS ARE BEST In order for commercial pectin to set, 55-85% of the jam or jelly must be sugar. This means that your homemade creation would contain more sugar than fruit! This super-easy recipe uses superfood Chia seeds (available in bulk just about everywhere), which naturally ‘gel-up’ when cooked and cooled. Honey is used instead of sugar, making it an even healthier option. The result? Deliciously healthy fruit jam which can also be enjoyed as a sweet snack or on natural yogourt and granola for breakfast! 20 for e r e h C l i ck e r - e as y s up i p e ! re c Check out our new website!