Signature Stories: Volume 14 - Page 22

PUZZL EP I ECES Test your knowledge of Signature Legacy Playwright Arthur Miller! 1 11 3 4 Bring your completed puzzle to the Signature Café & Bar and receive a free Signature cocktail! 2 Valid one per person, for one-time use only through 2015. 12 5 6 7 9 8 14 21 19 15 20 10 18 16 John Guare and James Houghton at Signature’s “Passing of the Pen” ceremony, 1998. 17 DOWN ACROSS 1. After being shut down by censors in 1967, Incident at Vichy wasn’t remounted in this country until 1987. 5. The U.S. City that held the premiere of Salesman. 2. The title of Miller’s 1987 autobiography. 3. The famous Miller character who makes his way “on a smile and a shoeshine.” 4. In addition to the stage, early in his career Miller wrote a number of plays for this medium. 5. Miller was the first playwright to be produced in this theatre, Signature’s home for 15 years: The ______ ______ Space. 6. The London premiere of Incident at Vichy was produced at this theatre named after a mythical bird. 7. The first of Miller’s plays to be adapted for film. 8. During the 1997-98 Arthur Miller Season at Signature Theatre, the one-act plays The Last Yankee and I Can’t Remember were both directed by Joseph _______. 2121 12. Although initially rejected, Miller reapplied and eventually attended this state university. 14. Miller played this popular American sport in high school (featured prominently in Death of a Salesman). 15. Mil