Signature Stories: Volume 14 - Page 20

SIGNATURE Moments In honor of celebrating the past 25 years we asked some of the Signature family to share some of their favorite David Henry Hwang Bill Heck During my residency, awesome and obviously a beautiful experience. On top of Signature season together in The Orphans’ Home Cycle, a nine (yes, nine) hour piece in which our that, somebody figures out what would be an appropri- characters courted, married, and built a life. Not only had that space become our home, but on the night in question we were surrounded by our Signature family, which had essentially become ate gift for the honoree. In my case, they commissioned a piece in my honor by the composer Huang Ruo, who had our actual family. Beyond that, Angels in America itself is a call to embrace one another, provided music for The Dance and the Railroad, which he messily, fabulously, to spin forward. Prior says it at Bethesda fountain: “More Life.” Endeavoring on a lifelong partnership seemed a fitting manifestation of what Kushner had been teaching called “Flow” and was performed by his ensemble that evening. It was a beautiful piece that I love very much, us the whole way along. The time and place made sense. I’d made sure to run it by everyone which is like the best kind of gift that I can imagine – one beforehand, particularly Tony and Jim, who added their generous blessings to the many others. However, there was a small, anonymous voice of dissent that came back at the last by a fellow artist where the music itself reflects a lot of the things I write about, a lot of the forms that I’m interested minute. I sat with Jim before the final show and expressed my misgivings about going in, and a collaborator with whom I’ve worked at Signature, ahead with the plan, in light of the lacking unanimity. He grabbed my shoulder, looked and we’re continuing to work on other projects. Again, Maggie Lacey and Bill Heck in Horton Foote’s The Orphans’ Home Cycle. you have the theatre that’s very playwright oriented, it’s centered around the writer...even when it comes to trying gine – can ima ic itself I t a h t f gift e mus t kind o tist where th e about... s e b e h r a ...t rit ngs I w a fellow one by a lot of the thi reflects to figure out the gift to honor the writer around whom the gala is built that year. David Henry Hwang: Residency One playwright. Productions: Golden Child (2012), The Dance and the Railroad (2013), Kung Fu (2014) Marsha Stephanie Blake, Nicholas Christopher, Tonya Pinkins, Saycon Sengbloh, Joaquina Kalukango, and Corey Hawkins in Katori Hall’s Hurt Village. That w a gratify s the most ing exp I think erience I in thea ’ve ever had t just lite re. You could vibrati rally feel the o energy ns and the sides o from both f the au dience . Joaquina Kalukango James Houghto