Riverside Highlights Issue 5 2014-15, Half Term Highlights, Term 3a

HALF TERM HIGHLIGHTS TERM 3a ISSUE 5 2014/2015 T O P P E R F O R M E R S E A R N S P E E C H D AY H O N O U R S On Friday 1st May, Shrewsbury International School celebrated the achievements of pupils from Years 3-13 in our annual Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremonies. Prize-winners and their families, along with other specially invited guests, staff and students gathered in the school’s Memorial Hall to celebrate the achievements of Shrewsbury students across the range of academic, music, sport, performance and community activities. Nearly 80 students from our Prep School, and 130 students from the Senior school, were handed their prizes by this year’s guest of honour, the Reverend Gary Dobbie, awards reflect their special achievements throughout their In the aftermath of the recent time at Shrewsbury and their conearthquakes in Nepal, Rev. Dobtributions as role models in every bie’s address carried particular resonance, focusing on the themes aspect of school life. of re-building, and the small acts With their A-level examinations of kindness which hold the world now upon them, they join the rest together. of Shrewsbury’s Class of 2015 in Shrewsbury’s charity committee is looking to emulate the impressive achievements of last year’s graducurrently developing an action plan for providing targeted aid to ates, who are now studying at 50 leading universities in 10 different affected communities, likely to countries around the world. And mirror the school-rebuilding projects that Shrewsbury is support- with nearly 300 university offers to choose from, the stage is set to ing in typhoon-hit Philippines. for another very exciting year for Shrewsbury’s Class of 2015. Receiving honours in their last ever Speech Day at Shrewsbury Continued on page 2 were fourteen of the School’s most Senior students, whose Chaplain of our UK sister school. PAGE 1