Shotcaller Magazine GUYS and DOLLS - Page 6

Over 30 years of photo and video work in advertising/marketing - since 1983. Television and print advertising was a specialty before recently turning my talents to glamor and fashion photography.

My main goal is to get my models noticed while possibly picking up more clients along the way. I like the freelance lifestyle and the freedom it gives me above the typical staged shots I have dealt with over the years.

I don't do this to pay the bills although I do expect to get paid to shoot you. There are the select few models I work with who I will pay for and who I have established a professional relationship with - you know who you are. I will also pay gas money or fill your tank for travel to and from a shoot if need be for first time shots. Especially if the session is mutually beneficial.

I shoot for the love of the shoot and the smile when the model sees their final product. If it gets them noticed, on the cover of a magazine or trade ad, then we all succeed in the end.

I am currently shooting TF on location and in my studio. If I shoot you, there is a model release stating that I will not use your image for anything other than my portfolio. You will receive a DVD of all your retouched photos cataloged with high resolution photos suitable for printing.

I am open to all model's suggestions and very open minded to the model's wants and needs. I shoot all types of photos from nature to people, and consider nothing off limits.



Founder and Owner

Robert Camera