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ISAAC KNOWS SIDE EFFECTS COLORS 527 C 3272 C Hex #7f3f98 Hex #00a79d C = 60 C = 80 You might not be planning on operating M=90 M=10 heavy machinery but Y=0 Y=45 you Be sure to ask Isaac about K=0 are planning on making Shabbos. K=0 the side effects of that new decongestant, blood pressure medication or whatever it is you might be taking. He’ll keep you alert to minor side issues before they affect you LOGO ON PURPLE front and center. (DARK) BACKGROUND LOGO ON WHITE Got questions or concerns? Ask Isaac, our Chief Pharmacist CALL, TEXT, WHATSAPP or EMAIL HORIZOTAL LOGO ON WHITE HORIZOTAL LOGO ON DARK 414 Flushing Ave. 718.260.8999 Delivering Prescriptions MORNING TO MIDNIGHT