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‫בס”ד‬ ‫פרײנט‬ ‫אײער‬ ‫װײסמאן‬ ‫יואל‬ ‫טױב‬ .‫א‬ .‫י‬ Actual photo of Simcha in our store In House or Take Out You can rely on Coffee Break to provide Delicious Food, Extremely Impressive Party Planning and Extraordinary Service. We can accommodate up to 40 guest (20 couples) in our store, Sunday - Thursday evenings a�er 8:00 pm or any number of guest at your loca on of choice. Full service Catering $1150 for 15 couples & $50 every addi onal couple Upgrades always welcome Contact the professional Yoel Weissman 347-957-2775 COFFEE BREAK 718-254-0044 683 MYRTLE AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11205 COFFEEBREAKNY.COM