Shoppers Route 2 7 18 - Page 158

. . . Lost Lost grey velour bonnet at Expo 718-522-1690 / 347-768-3646 . . Found . ‫מצוה‬ ‫לשם‬ Message from Hashuvas Aveda of 2 ‫פון‬ ‫פרויען‬ ‫עלנדע‬ ‫עלטערע‬ ‫אונזערע‬ Williamsburg: Please make sure to put ‫אינדערהיים‬ ‫נאך‬ ‫זיצן‬ ‫ב‬ " ‫וומס‬ name tags (phone # and address) on ‫האלבע‬ ‫א‬ ‫באזוך‬ ‫א‬ ‫מיט‬ ' ‫מחי‬ ‫זיי‬ ‫זייט‬ all coats, jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves, ‫וואך‬ ‫א‬ ‫שעה‬ ADOPT A BOBBY" ‫חסדי‬ - ‫החיים‬ ‫שמחת‬ reshvulkes, shtreimlech, me'ils, 0 Lost small black evening bag with gold ‫וציפורה‬ ‫מלכה‬ blankets, baby shoes, suitcases, bow 845-281-8168 347-699-5978 - 718-384-5824 seforim, briefcases, mikveh vesh, weather tamers. If you lose it, it's much easier to return to you. 4 Lost a black patent Zac Posen evening 5 "‫לתלמידות‬ ‫"עזר‬ bag. 347.763.2122 We are looking for girls 10th grade and up to volunteer to tutor a girl 7 Found a bag with 2 coats w/shatnez after school. 718-384-5959 or labels after Yom Tov in Shell Station 718-963-9167 Williamsburg 718-875-7435 . . 3 Found 4 Found green printed tichel Hewes/Lee, Wig Dec 21 on Wallabout & Expensive collar in front of S.bros 718-387-2347 8 7 Found a diamond pin in Pardes Figa Hall Call 1-845-274-1359 8 2 Found diamond bracelet beginning January at Continental 347-581-1368 9 5 Found black Gap glove on Franklin Wlbt. 347.525.7490 0 6 2 Does your child need a tutor or help in any specific subject? ‫לתלמידות‬ ‫עזר‬ ‫מצוה‬ ‫לשם‬ has a full staff of volunteers avail. to tutor your child. 718 - 963 - 9167 or 718 - 384 - 5959 If anyone has costumes to give away, pls call 646-535-7339 0 Menadvim where you can donate and receive furniture, appliances, toys & more call 718-MENADVIM To give away size 20m suit for pre bar ( 636-2384 ) mitzvah buchor 347-423-7262 6 Hot fresh suppers cooked professional for kimpeturins for min. fee. 718-964-8057 Looking for dining room chairs & Maclaren carriage 718-387-5103 0 There is a social security benefit payment available to children up to age18 who were orphaned from either Seforim shank to give away parent, Please call social security 917-676-8516 office, & ask for survivors benefits. 800.772.1213 . Found Sonia Rykiel berret Feb. 4 Bedford Ross 718-387-6213 . To give away a Pessy Lew Tenoyim 8 ‫הכנסת‬ ‫אפדעידעט‬ ‫אן‬ ‫האבן‬ ‫מיר‬ dress size 12-14. And a Teri jon black ‫א‬ ‫ווילט‬ *5u8+8*5uux+8*5uu8+8*丠+8*uuux+8*5u5ux+^Y[]Y[\^H LLM *u8+8*5u+ ͌ 8*5u58+8*uu5踠+8*55x+B[\\ N L M L LMˍK ܍N ͂*x+8*uu5+[XZ[8*58+8*5u+H[Y[ݙH[۝و\H ]H]^H H\\\]YX[[LMN MM ˜XH\X[ \YYYHŽLKLML ŽH[H]HXX]H]^H[ۙ][ۏH[\]Z\ܛ[Hٙ]ZY\ވ\ L [H\H \ݙ\ܙY]\]H]H]^HH[]YY[BYH]K[[\YX\HX\Y\[HX\[\ N MMMLMŽ[][O“܈H SH\X[\[X[] N M KLNLLBY\\HH\܂\[Š N H NNKLLBY\\HH\܈\[Š N H NNKLLBLXX\H 8&LNԈTTSBXHHH\YYYY\\B\܂[N MNNKL \[Š N B܈ NNKLLB^N L MMM”XH MK  N MNNKL [\\\ܛ]KB˝\\ܛ]KH