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BOGGLE Y O T E S N Z N I W I U A O I P W LE 8 LETTER WORDS & UP - 4 POINTS No adding “S” to the end of a word - Any submissions with words that are not in the Webster’s Dictionary will automatically be disqualiied - Write 4,5, and 6 letter words in seperate columns - Write your sepe total points on the boggle answers ANSWERS WEEK OF 1/31/18 WINNER: Pessy L. 72 pts. R E E R T A C R B O I A T H O F G T February 7, ’18 FOR BEST RESULTS! clop cope cram dame dead dear d ram isle keep lead leak leek lend lens lewd lope made meek near M 6&7 LETTER WORDS 3 POINTS 96 H I 5 LETTER WORDS 2 POINTS 4 LETTER WORDS 1 POINT peak peek peel peen pole seek seep send sled slew weak week weep w eld wend addle dense ended newel pewee sleek sleep cradle cradled madden marcel peeled peewee w elded wended (718)599-3444 ( (