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Classified Directory ADVERTISING ADVERTISING EASY & SECURE Online Clas- sified/Unclassified Ad Taking Application! You will be able to build your ad, preview it, and pay for it online using Visa, Mastercard or Discover. www. APPLIANCE REPAIR APPLIANCE REPAIR MICHAEL DE’S APPLIANCE Repair. Washers, dryers, re- frigerators, Ranges, Gas con- versions. All makes & models. 30yrs. experience. All work guaranteed. Also Sales of used appliances. 884-0758. 4/5 AUTOS AUTOS 2005 DODGE Caravan. Good condition. 99,572 miles. $2,000. 609-643-1150. 2/8 2005 DODGE Grand Caravan - 157K miles - Runs Great - Loaded - $2,500 OBO Call Jim 609-425-2115. 2/8 AUTOS WANTED AUTOS WANTED ANDREW’S RECYCLING is buying junk vehicles, free pick up. Cash paid. Call Drew di- rectly at 609-408-0553. 2/22 JUNK CARS & TRUCKS Want- ed. Top dollar paid. We sell used auto and truck parts. since 1977 Cape May Used Auto Parts, 884-4258. 3/15 VINCENT BUYS Junk cars. Top Dollar paid. $200- $1,000. Must have Title. Running or not. Call 609-551-8550. 2/22 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FULLY EQUIPPED Restaurant for lease. North Cape May. Call for details. Bill 332-4770. CAREGIVER CAREGIVER CARPET CLEANING CARPET CLEANING DIRTBUSTER STEAM Carpet cleaning, residential, com- mercial. Quick drying meth- od. $11.99/room (minimum 5rooms) $23.95 livrm dinrm or first room. 609-624-3619, 609- 729-7393. 2/22 WHEELS ALL PRO Carpet Up- holstery cleaning, truck mount equipment. Fast & courtesy service. Free estimates. Call 609-602-7050. 3/22 CARPET SERVICES CARPET SERVICES COUCH, VELOUR brown with lounge, like new $100. TV stand, smoke glass & metal, 3 shelves, holds 55” TV or larg- er, excellent, well made $100. Picture ocean & beach scene, big wood frame, new, bought SMART VENTURES LLC PC at Cape May Mall store, $300 Services, Desktop, Laptops, new, sell $80. Juicer Jack LaL- Upgrades, Repairs, Internet, anne, used twice $40. 609-462- Routers. Affordable Prices. 9626. 2/8 For more Info visit: www. or call us EXTENSIVE Elvis Presley Col- lection: Plates, jumpsuit, lots 609-796-4390. 2/15 more. 609-665-3165. 3/1 CONCRETE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE AFFORDABLE CONCRETE Work. Driveways, Sidewalks, SHORE THING! Garage Door Patios, Aprons, new or re- Services, garage doors re- placement. Call 465-4400. NJ. quire service twice a year and damp salty air could double Lic. #13VH3332300. 2/1 that! Don’t wait to get stuck in CONCRETE REMOVAL, Prep or out of your garage. Call Now work, Dump truck & Bobcat 267-249-3104, Rescom LLC, Service, material delivery. NJ NJ ID# 0600-1285-35. 11/29/18 Lic. # 13VH03134000. Call Bill HANDYMAN 522-5551, 214-1902. 2/15 CONCRETE CLEANING CLEANING PERA CONCRETE, LLC Punc- tual, professional concrete ANYTIME PROFESSIONlAL contractor. Specializing in Cleaning where one call cleans sidewalks & driveways. per- it all. Specialize in turnovers, 609-432-1540 vacation rentals & much more. Lic#13VH08940100. 4/5 Free estimates. 609-849-7603. ELECTRICAL CLEAN PHREAK! Serious cleaning and housekeep- HAVING A hard time finding a ing services - weekly, bi- reliable Electrician? Call Bay- weekly, monthly, special shore Electrical Service for projects, home organiza- Prompt, Professional Service. tion. Reliably thorough and Residential, commercial, small phreakishly clean. Bonded jobs, Service, Troubleshooting and insured. 609-408-6672, & Repair. Fire Code & Home In- spection Violations corrected. All calls will be returned. 609- DINGY, DULL linoleoum 884-1641, 800-540-8522. NJ floors? We can restore the State Lic. #9703. 3/1 shine! High quality, low cost. Call for free estimate 884-3292. FIREWOOD ELECTRICAL FIREWOOD GOFERS CLEANING Service the name you know and trust. Specializing in windows, pow- er washing, weekly turn overs, residential, commercial. In- sured, Bonded. 609-884-1997. FOR SALE FOR SALE $70 COMPUTER REPAIR. Ev- erything computer related, desktops, laptops, upgrades, repair, DJ, Photography Vid- eography. Stop cryin, call Bry- an Now 609-338-4558. 3/1 CARPET INSTALLATION & repair work. Restretch/burn marks. Binding available. Custom stair runners, area rugs. Shawn 425-6937. Lic. #13VH07768400. 2/22 H&J CONCRETE. Driveways, sidewalks, stamped concrete, stone veneer, block, pavers, step repair, stone driveways, grading work, curbs, gutter. Any size job. Call Jim 609-846- 6686 or Rich 609-374-1244. N&J CLEANING Services. In- sured, Bonded. Daily, Weekly, I AM A CPR Certified caregiver Bi-weekly, monthly. Free esti- available to care for children mates 609-435-8589. cleaning- and elderly for more informa- tion call Sherrie 609-827-2268. 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