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‘It’s better to have loved and Affordable Handyman & Home lost, than to have never loved Maintenance. Painting, Clea- nouts, fence repair, power- at all.’ Alfred, Lord Tennyson washing, carpentry etc. “No task is too big or too small”. from the 609-435-6384. Helpful Hints Wagging Tail Pet Nutrition Center & Grooming by Patsy Robinson Nelson CANNED AND RAW FOOD VERSUS KIBBLE According to The Whole Dog Journal, which is like the bible of dog foods, it is much more import- ant to feed your dog canned food and or raw (like we sell and cheaper than other stores) than even a re- ally expensive kibble. The reason is that all kibble, except ones like Rawz, lose a lot of nutrients in the processing of the kibble. I feed raw in the morning and kibble and can at night. Some vets would argue that dogs need the kibble to clean their teeth. Maybe it might help with Parker’s teeth because he eats slowly, but surely not with Daisy who simply inhales her food, grunting like a piglet the few seconds it takes her. What helps most to keep teeth clean are bones, like the raw fro- zen bones we sell that are hormone and antibiotic free. And dental aids such as sprays (I use PetzLife) and brushing (which I have to admit I don’t do.) Also, by feeding can or raw with the kibble you are making eating even more enjoyable for your pet. And you can easily give your dog a variety of meat sources as long as there are no allergy issues. Sherman - 7 Years Get all your fresh sliced lunch- meat at a great price. Looking to feed the family, order a 2 foot Hoagie or cheesesteak. Don’t forget about our Famous Broasted Chicken. Hole in the Wall. See our Ad. TOOK OUT NUTRO-MAX 4 Heavy weeding- Removal of heavy vines, ivy, brambles, Remote Starts Sold & installed, shrubs, trees, Phragmites. starting at $175, Lifetime War- Poison ivy removal specialist. ranty, Car Audio, window tint, Small jobs welcome. 609-770- DUI Interlocks, vinyl lettering. 780-1231. 3528. The Wagging Tail Pet Nutrition & Grooming Center Caring For Yo ȁÁM+q5ѡ́ȁ͵ͥ́ͥ̇t)EՅAЁM̃)L@@ɬ))@ɕML) 1 IQ%9=UHMPeH(ܴ+qQ5Ё єMѥ=AЁḾ%MѠ)͕t)=5 ]̃ Ք ՙɽMѕ 䃊Aɥ+Aɕ͔!ѥ=ɥ5ɥỸiɔ+!ѠѕͥѡȁɅ́ɕՕЃ)MѥI܁̀ )ЁɕՕЁȁɽɅ)UՔ ̀Q̃ ̀Ё%ѕ)ɵЁ )=܁̃]ٕ)!5MɑMչ(܁Iє䀡ɵ 5䰁9((ش)ܹѡ݅хѹɥѥѕȹ)ܹѡ݅х乍)MɄĴļȁe)Mɵ́ݕаՑ䁅ͽ)əЁ䁥ٕ݅)MɄѥєɅݡєх䁝ɰ)Mɕ́ѱɽ٥ɽи)ḾٕѼȁՑ̸́́)A͔٥ͥЁMɵMɄɥ́ѡ́ݕ)ձM͠5᥍(ɥɽɥ̸5)䁽ɕ̸͕]ѕɝє)Mȁ)Aɽ͔ 5 )ȁ́)́хѽѡ쁙)͡ͅѕȁɔɽ٥ )ɕЁ̸͍)՜QЁ́ɕեɕѼՅ)ЁѼ̸ )ɔشȁи)ܹɽ͕ɜ)MMȁɕU)̸ͥ%ѕ́ȁM(ͥ́ɕѕAɥ)Ёѕչ(5᥵մݽɑ̸)ɕ́ᕐ)ɽЁȁ)Ё̸͡)ɕ́ЁՈ)ѕݕ丁9̰eɐ)M̰ɕхєȁ̴ͥ)̸AյȁЁ)Ց%Ց)ɕ́ɴ]Ё)ɥѕ5䁅(ȁQ͑éAՉ)ѥظ=)̹͡(ЁMɔM]܁Qд) ѡ͔չ݅ѕUX)Ʌ̸Iͥѥ ɍ)Ѽ̸ɍѽ̰ͱ)̰ ܁ݥ̰ͭ)̰ɔݥ̰Mո)ɽ̸Q%9Pस)1ɝ̀ȁɝ(԰)Mѕ̰)̰)ɽ̀ɔAɿéA)鄸Mѡ ȸ+aeȁݽɑ́ɔ䁙)ɕѠݥeԁɔٕ)ѡѼeMɅ ɹɑ)Ʌѥ)ݥѠ唁ȁͥ)ȁ͡ˊéե)Yѕ́95ЁɽЁ%ͥ)ɥݥѠAѽ͡հ)5ЁѼݽɬЁɅѕ)=ɕ 5 չѥ ѕ(Aɬ ِUЀ̰]Ё 5 ܀)A͔ȁ́ȁѼи ش)и)=ɕ́ȁ܁ٽչѕ)Ѽ́ݥѠȁ䁍ɽѥ)Á͔Ѐȁɔɵѥ)AM!=AA)QեѼѡ)͕Mɔ)Յఀѡɽ՝Յа