Shine Online March 2018 - Page 31




This issue's free bracelet kit is a special one with

2 packs of gorgeous frosted Preciosa glass hearts!

Follow the quick step by step instructions

below to make your pretty heart

bracelet for Spring.

Step 1. Decide on the order you want to attach your hearts

onto your chain and lay them out on your work surface next to your chain.

Step 2. Count the amount of large links along your bracelet chain to see how many hearts you will need to use. For our bracelet we had 20 links so we used 20 jump rings and all 20 hearts.

Step 4. Hook your jump ring through your first heart charm and then hook the same ring through the first large link on your chain bracelet.

Step 5. Close the jump ring in the same way as you opened it, making sure that the two sides of the ring touch together when it is closed.

Step 6. Repeat this method of adding your heart charms along your chain, adding a single heart onto each of the links.

Once you have added all of your heart charms along the bracelet, your finished design is ready to wear!

Step 3. Take a jump ring and open it carefully using flat or chain nose pliers.

To do this, turn the pliers away from each other in opposite directions to open the ring.

This twists the ring open. Don't try to pull the join apart as it will lose the form of the ring.

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