Shine Online July 2017 - Page 8

Necklace - 1. Cut a triple arm span length of nymo, or as much as you can comfortably manage.

2. Pick up 2xSB, BC, 2xSB, BB, 2xSB, BC, 2xSB, 6mm. Leaving a 12” tail, go back through the first 4 beads. Go through all the beads again, except the SB’s before and after the BB and 6mm (the ‘step’ beads in the ladder). Go through the next SB to be in position for the next ladder step.

3. Pick up SB, BC, 2xSB, 6mm, 2xSB, BC, SB. Go through the SB, BB & SB already in the design and through the next 3 beads (SB, BC, SB). Go back through the design again missing the SB directly before & after the 6mm. Pull firm and set up for the next step by going through the next SB.

4. Pick up the beads according to the chart, continue from round 4. (Rounds 1, 2 & 3 were completed in steps 2 & 3.) Once you have picked up the appropriate beads, thread through the ‘step’ (BB & 6mm) beads and then go through all the beads again skipping the SB either side of the ‘step’. This is important to anchor the beads together ensuring there are no gaps and the ladder steps are straight.

5. From row 5 the length of the ‘step’ starts to increase. Take care to go through all the beads in the step to keep them straight. Row 6 sees an extra size 8 SB added to the bottom rows, these fall either side of the BB ‘step’ and enable the curve in the necklace.

6. Once all the rounds have been completed it is time to add the strap. You will need about 12” of thread exiting from the top row of the necklace. Cut another piece of nymo about an arm span in length (condition it you would like to.) Pass this thread through the bottom row of the necklace, leaving a 12” tail (to match the tail already there) These tail threads will form the strap on the other side. (I like to tie a half hitch knot about halfway along, this stops the thread from pulling all the ways through.)

7. On the top thread pick up SB, BB and on the bottom thread pick up 2xSB, BB. Pass the top thread through the beads added to the bottom thread, through the SB, 6mm, SB and back through the beads just added. Do the same with the bottom thread, this time going through the top beads, down the SB, 6mm, SB and back through the 2xSB & BB added. This will add strength and stability to the strap.

8. For the rest of the strap either add both threads to one needle or work with one thread first and then pass the second thread up through all the beads. The strap can be made to any length you like, either follow my pattern or pick up the beads & remaining bicones randomly.

11, 8, 2x11, BC, 2X11, 8, 11, BB - Repeat 4 times

9. When the necklace strap is the desired length add on 11, 8, 8x11 plus the clasp. Pass the needle through the last 7 SB’s added & the clasp to form a loop, pull tight to ensure there are no gaps, go back through the 11, 8 & 11 SB’s tie a half hitch knot. Continue weaving the threads down the necklace strap tying a couple of half hitch knots as you go. Cut the threads.

10. Repeat steps 7-9 on the other side of the necklace, this time attaching the other side of your clasp in the seed bead loop.