Shine Online July 2017 - Page 4


Discover the endless possibilities for designing your own jewellery, keepsakes and decorations when using shaped glass beads. These useful shapes are perfect for pairing with versatile size 11 and size 8 seed beads and can even be matched with other glass styles like fire polish and pearl beads.

Make your own version of this gorgeous Nib Bit ring bracelet by Nela Kabelova. Follow our simple project (by clicking on the bracelet) and learn how to make each ring and connect them securely to make versatile individual sections. Grab a few more packs of Nib Bits and link lots of rings together to make a long, statement necklace! Try finishing your necklace with an extension chain so that you can make it even longer.

We love these spiky Chilli beads and have used them in patterns to make pendants, bracelets and earrings! These useful little shapes have 2 threading holes allowing for different patterns to be woven between them using seed beads and other shapes. Try creating a sun inspired pendant with chilli beads positioned on the very edge of the circle. The double threading hole means you can make a really strong pendant with plenty of reinforcement and space to work. Make sure to weave your thread around your finished design, making knots over the threads along the way and keeping your tension tight before trimming any excess tails.