Shine Online July 2017 - Page 23


These super cute bracelets are so easy to make using the simple materials in your free gift. Follow the instructions below and make up to 5 bracelets using your seed beads, shell charms and super shiny spacer beads! You can make your beads stretch further with the addition of some more clasps.

Make a simple seed bead bracelet

Step 1. Cut a length of thread measuring approx. 15" long. Thread on your chosen beads and shell charms so they sit in the centre.

Step 2. Onto one end of your thread, add your heart shape lobster clasp. Thread through the loop on the clasp and pass through 5 or 6 beads next to the clasp. Exit the beads and pull the thread so the beads sit close to the clasp. (A)

Step 3. Make a knot using your working thread around the main thread where the beads have

been strung. This secures your threads together and will reinforce your bracelet. After making the knot, pass your thread through a few more beads and repeat, knotting this thread onto your main bracelet thread. You can continue through to the other side of the bracelet. (B)

Step 4. Take the other end of your bracelet and pass the main thread through a tag, through the smaller hole. Thread back into your beads. Pull the thread to bring the tag up close to your beads. (C)

Step 5. Repeat the process of threading through the bracelet and knotting at intervals along the way.

If your two threads meet, you can knot them together and continue to weave them into the design to be hidden.

To make your double strand bracelet, start with a length measuring approx. 20" and thread your heart clasp to the halfway point. (D)

Thread beads onto each side of the thread and

add a silver spacer bead onto both threads to bring them together. Pass both threads through a tag and weave them back into the design, knotting along the way to secure. (E)