Shine Online July 2017 - Page 21

I uploaded a YouTube tutorial yesterday for this cute rainbow tube with the idea that it could be used as a charm for BD's expandable bangles. -

Tracey Lorraine

These rainbow beads are really neat! I hope you enjoy wearing them this Summer! x

Hi folks xx Here is my latest creation made with Red, Yellow and Silver Coloured Beads. A necklace with matching earrings. xx -

Wendy Wray

Your jewellery set is beautiful Wendy, I love the sunset colours you've chosen! x

Hello everyone here is a set I made for a friend who has just got married and also dresses as Queen of the Elves hope you like it :) -

Vicky Lear

Wow! This is amazing Vicky, I hope your friend loves wearing it! x

I wanted to share with you a project I've recently completed. It is a beaded pouch for my scissors. Sarah Millsop brought the idea to create and craft tv last year and I was inspired by her to create one. I love working with seed beads and bead weaving into patterns. Having a pattern to follow makes it easy so I would encourage anyone who hasn't tried it to give it a go! - Rachel Gannon

This looks really intricate Rachel! I like the little flowers and hearts hidden in the pattern! x

Tree of life pendant.

Debbie Frost

This is really cute Debbie, I love the intricate roots and branches and the elegant bail at the top! x