Shine Online July 2017 - Page 17

Essential jewellery pliers


This wire knitting tool is stronger than traditional spools meaning it can be used with strong and thick wires as well as wool and other cords to make unique knitted designs. Try using your spool to make bright shining wire jewellery with colourful copper craft wires. You can even add beads into your work by threading them onto your cord or wire and adding them between each stage while you're knitting! Click on the tool to find out more and watch a useful tutorial by the Beadsmith on how to use the wire knitting tool.

If you love sewing, jewellery making or any other crafts, this bumper thread bundle is sure to come in handy. Get all 10 for just £2.99

and keep them in your craft stash ready for when you need them.

A bead gauge is a must for any

jewellery maker who likes to be

precise when they're designing

and looking for their next new project.

This useful guage allows you to measure any beads, cords and materials you have before you start a new design. You can also use it to check how big a bead, charm, finding or threading hole will look before you order them.