Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 42

want people that are truthful, honest, vocal and transparent. If someone asked you a question then provide an open, honest and respectful answer. Saying yes isn’t always the answer to bring out the best in the situation. Being honest is what brings about growth and change. It is important to be authentic. We can understand others better and help them become their authentic self. Notice the strength and weaknesses of those on your team. Provide opportunities for them to shine and grow. D – Leaders develop. People and businesses are always growing and evolving. We have many opportunities to learn a variety of lessons to share with the world. The lessons help us develop as individuals and leaders. By sharing them we help foster leadership in someone else. Authenticity also includes transparency. As leaders, iron sharpens iron and we are responsible for the development of others. The development also comes in the form of life-long learning. A school is not the only place to learn. Life teaches us lessons and so do other people. We must not ignore the importance of prayer partners, accountability partners, friends, and family. All these people can teach us lessons about other people and ourselves. And it is self-development that helps us to train other people. Whether we lead at home, work or church people look to us to see what we do and how we do it. They want to know our motivation for doing it. If we show love, then we are better equipped to lead projects, people and positions to the next level. Now is the time to lead up!! 42