Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 38

for someone more concerned with their bottom line than anything else. Especially, ignoring the workload of their employees. They want to work for someone who is willing to put her hands to the plough and get dirty when necessary. "When a leader doesn’t have the support of her team, her business will not last long" Second, a business leader will lose the respect of her employees fast if she does not value them and their work. She would never step up and take credit for work that they did. Employees must know you care about them. You display your concern by your words, action and thoughts towards them. Third, she understands the meaning of private versus public reward and/ or discipline. She is cognizant of the morale of her employees. She is discrete and knows when to settle a matter behind closed doors. The reward or discipline isn't excessive because it shows favoritism or disdain. Everything is not done in public. Your employees notice the smallest change in treatment and will follow your lead. Last, knowing how to treat your employees is important! You can do it the right way or the wrong way. Here are some questions to ponder when it comes to employer-employee relationships: • How do I view my employees? • Could I do more for my employees? • Do my employees have what they need to get their job done? • Do I have a double standard? A woman who is a virtuous business leader is able to check herself and improve in areas where she is lacking. When a leader doesn’t have the support of her team, her business will not last long. She will spend a lot of time doing damage control because of the culture she created in her business..