Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 36

What is the student to staff ratio? Most centers post a ratio chart on the parent bulletin boards. Observe whether the staff interacts with the children. Is the classroom in the appropriate ratios? Ask for a copy of the policies and procedures for talking with staff and reporting concerns. Is there an open door policy for parents to meet with the Director or Owner? 4. Academics - What is the current curriculum? Ask for the education goals and objectives for students by age group. Question whether teachers submit weekly lesson plans. Will you receive weekly reports from the teacher? Find out if your child receives quarterly progress reports. Inquire about the grading and reward system used in the classroom. Look for examples of the children’s work hanging around the class room. What is the center’s classroom discipline policy? Ask for a copy of the classroom management procedures. You deserve to have your child in a place you can trust. Quality care is important for your child no matter what you pay. Make unannounced visits to your child’s facility. Ensure that what you saw the first day is what is happening in the facility on a consistent basis. 36