Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 35

2. Cleanliness - How often are the children’s mats cleaned? Find out the cleaning schedule for classrooms, bathrooms and food preparation area. Ask how often they sanitize the toys and play equipment. What is the curb appeal like when you drive up to the building? Look at the length of grass, shrubs and the exterior paint job. Is it in good condition? What does the center smell like when you walk in the door? Look for trash cans and separate containers for soiled diapers in the rooms. Ask the director about their cleaning schedule for the classrooms and kitchen area. Visit the bathrooms and look for liquid soap and towels. Check the cleanliness of the floors in the classrooms. Does the center have hand sanitizer in the classrooms and reception area? 3. Staffing - How long has the current staff worked there including the Director? Ask about the staff credentials. Ask the director how often the staff receives training and the requirements. Find out how often the staff changes. 35