Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 32

Those who cultivate their skills end up becoming the experts and high earners that we see and hear about. They are the ones we run to when we have a problem to solve. They are the ones we pay our hard earned money to. Wealth creation is cooperation between God and people. God has done his part. We must do our part in developing the talents, abilities, relationships and opportunities he gives us. A lot of developing nations are third world countries. They are not so because they are not endowed. Most of these countries are rich in raw resources. Yet, they are poor. They have not developed their ability to refine their raw resources into products with high market value. They sell their resources to a developed nation with the capability of refining raw resources. They create goods with high market value and then sell them back to these developing nations. Now, this does not only apply to third world countries, it is also applicable on the individual level. You have great potential. But, until you develop it you will remain at the same rung of the social economic ladder. Even if you live in a first world country. Often times we come up with excuses for not doing what we need done. No one is promising you a trouble, challenge or obstacle-free zone in business or life. But, know this, God is not a respecter of persons, color, race, age or gender. He will cause financial prosperity to manifest in the lives of those who respect his economic principles. He will deliver prosperity to those who apply themselves to his laws of wealth creation. Like the sound of it or not, the ball is in your court. 32