Shine Now! Magazine September/October Issue Issue 4 Volume 1 - Page 27

Leaders Leave a Leadership Legacy By LaShawnda Wrice Being a leader has it’s ups and downs. Dealing with difficult people is a huge problem on the top of every leader’s list. It’s important how you handle the situation that will determine whether or not you are a good leader. In this position, you are a constant learner and with learning comes the responsibility of utilizing what you learn and putting it into action! The leader’s team is a reflection of their leadership. A good leadership skill to have is the ability to coach great leaders. Think of your team as your children and you are the parent. Everything you do will either moti- vate or lower their morale. How they lead others will be their testimony. You will be their motivation of why they have a particular leadership style. Do you want your story to be a good or bad one they share? Something to think about. So, how can you be a great leader who leaves a legacy of great leaders? First, communication is key! A leader should be able to listen and communicate effectively. This can be done by creating an open door policy and having one-on-ones with their team. This helps build a strong verbal, nonverbal, and listening leadership quality. Secondly, be an enlarger! Learn to recognize great potential and qualities in each team member. Present opportunities for them to be involved in. For example, a special project that requires all hands on deck to head a particular function. And lastly, always be in the learning business. Be open to learning from others 27