Shine NOW! Magazine June Issue 2016 June 2016 Issue 1 Volume 1 - Page 23

4 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Body By: Angeline Lawrence It was a delight to chat with Ms. Tina Moore Brown of DanceN2Shape. She has danced all of her life. It was natural for her to use it as tool to empower women and build their confidence. Ms. Brown is an author, confidence coach and licensed group fitness instructor. She created her program, GET TIGHT, from her personal pain of financial strain, verbal abuse and emotional stress. Known as the “exercise girl,” she was not moving her body enough and began to eat more fast food. Reaching her tipping point, she decided to reclaim her life and created a program to bring her mind and body into subjection to God. Below are a few tips she shared to help you snap into shape: Affirm Yourself – Stop the negative self-talk and speak affirmations. Post sticky notes on your mirror and recite positive words to yourself at the start and end of your day. Get Moving – Exercise your body for at least 30 minutes a day by walking, dancing or stretching. Set aside time to read the Bible and pray – Study the word each day and begin with a scripture. Organize your day and evening by establishing a routine – Start with beginning grateful and end with being reflective on the blessings of your day. Finally, self-care is crucial for women to have the energy needed to be productive in the home and at work. Check her video below: Importance of Self Care by Tina More Brown WHAT IS GET TIGHT? for you and get rid of the clutter in your life. You will be more energized, focused, stronger, radiant and happier than you've been in a long time! How do you know it works? Tina tried it for 30 days and said goodbye to stress, fast food, belly flab, clutter and hello to more energy, a new level of focus, a better mood and her PRE-KIDS pants size! In 30-days you'll totally transform the way you think, eat, exercise and LIVE!   GET TIGHT reboots your system, recharges your body and cleanses your atmosphere.   Check out the Promo by Tina Moore Brown: "Take the next 30-days and Get Tight!" on Clammy The Total Body Transformation is her groundbreaking 30-day program designed to cleanse your body, help you shed fat, create more time 23