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supposed to trump the biblical directive that we are to work towards unto the Lord . This means that we are to work as though the Lord is our employer .
The truth is that the Lord blessed you with the opportunity to work , so this isn ' t a big stretch in that context . This scripture can become a challenge when we feel that we are working for someone who we don ' t like or who we feel is unethical or unfair . Humans are interesting creatures . Some of us have a tendency to offer to our leaders the level of respect and effort that we feel that they deserve .
Of course , we are the ones who are determining whether or not they meet a fairly arbitrary threshold . This is not aligned with Colossians 3:23 . We are to offer an honest day ' s work . We are to be respectful . We are to be sober . We should not engage in workplace gossip . We are to bring our best effort to work every day . This is idealistic , but it must be our goal .
Ambition is not a dirty word in and of itself . It ' s not a contradiction to be a Christian and have career goals . The difference is the fact that we are told to , " in all [ our ] ways acknowledge [ the Lord ] and he shall direct [ our paths ]" ( Proverbs 3:6 ). This is our surest path to success in our lives in general ; our ultimate success may include career advancement and it may not . Proverbs 16:3 states that we are to , " commit [ our ] work to the Lord , and [ our ] plans will be established " ( ESV ). Both of these scriptures are in alignment . As long as our ambition aligns with the Lord ' s plans for our lives , He will bless our endeavors . When we begin to place our ambitions above concern for the Lord ' s will in our life we begin to go astray .
I have often expressed and fervently believe that I don ' t want anything that God does not want me to have . There have been times in my career that I desired particular opportunities , prayed for them passionately and did not receive them . In those moments , I recall feeling deeply disappointed .
Over the course of my career I began to notice that the things that I thought I wanted would have derailed me more than they would have advanced me . I learned then that when I prayed to the Lord to , “ let His will be done ” I really needed to mean it .
Christians should never lose sight of the fact that all of our provision comes from the Lord . Being overly concerned with the workplace can breed fear that we may be in danger of not having financial security . This is a seductive trap . If we trust in the Lord then that faith trumps ANYTHING that is going on in the workplace .
It over throws discrimination , it by passes being blackballed , it outmaneuvers work reductions . God is our provider and He has a myriad of sources through which to provide for us . This is 100 % true . This does NOT mean that we don ' t have to work unless we are independently wealthy and / or able to not work due to a supportive spouse .
For me , being diligent about paying my tithes has been a foundation of my financial security . Deuteronomy 14:22 states that we should , “ truly tithe all the increase of [ our ] seed that the field bringeth forth year by year ” ( KJV ). Before I even had a career I would pay tithes from my welfare check faithfully . If you consistently tithe from a $ 200 check then it ’ s less daunting when you have to tithe from a $ 20,000 check . We are to be committed to being good stewards over all that the Lord has entrusted in our care , and fiscal matters are not excluded from that responsibility .
Christians can absolutely successfully navigate the workplace . We are not dissimilar to others in that we can become overly concerned with the cares of this life . However , referring back to our source of truth – the Word of God – never disappoints . shinenowmag . com / Page- 13