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SHIFT Public speaking . . . striking fear in the hearts of people everywhere since the beginning of time. Which is my #1 reason why you should get up on that stage and just do it. More on that below, along with three other reasons you should consider public speaking. Even if you’re an online entrepreneur, there is incredible value in getting in front of people and connecting with them in person. Don’t psych yourself out because you feel like a fraud. Everyone I’ve ever coached on public speaking has felt like that in the beginning – and so did I. Just remember that you don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert on the topic, you only have to be one step ahead of your audience in order to teach them something new. 3. You can travel the world – or at least the country One of my perks of public speaking is getting paid to travel all over the country and discover new cities and towns. I often negotiate to stay an extra day or two so I can explore the area, and I’ve even flown my husband in so we can stay through a weekend if it’s somewhere really exciting. 1. You literally stand out from the crowd Here’s why public speaking is a slam dunk: so few people do it, that it can be really easy to make a name for yourself and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Instead of fighting to be seen and heard on Facebook or your blog, you can get out and meet people in person and have every eye in the crowd on you, people hanging on your every word. I’ve been public speaking since 2008, and it’s taken me to 16 different states (some more than once) and the District of Columbia. 2. It establishes you as an expert Just by virtue of being up on that stage, people will consider you an expert – even if you don’t feel like one. It’s one of those things, like having a book published, that so few people can claim that it’s assumed you’re knowledgeable and important. 6