SHIFT Magazine - Page 38

SHIFT It’s simple you either predict that the commodity, currency or stock will either go up or down and if you are right you receive a certain percentage from the amount you “invested”. Everything will work as it should in the beginning when you are just barely getting your feet wet, your testing it out you lose some you win some, you figure out the system and you start actually doing very well, surprisingly well, you will get another call with another amazing offer too good to be true and when you decline that again that’s when your account will start really losing and they will tamper with it by causing you to call the incorrect rates when choosing call or put on the option making it almost impossible to win. Fake Reality TV MLM scams are a scam that convince you that you are joining a reality TV show and that you need to recruit as many people so your success can be shown on the show. They also get you to pay a lot of money to stay on the show. Advertising based recruitment ponzi schemes are very popular these days. The way this scam works is you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads. People in this type of scam spend most of their time recruiting people into the ponzi scheme so they can make a commission from them. SHIFT: What are some of the things you observe that are predatory in nature with MLMs? EV: MLM scams are by their very nature predatory. You are trained to hard sell the people that are closest to you. I had a couple call me and tell me about their experience with a major MLM company. One that had Donald Trump as it’s spokesmen. A representative of this company convinced the wife that if B[\\ؘ[[YH\[BZ\[[X[]\H\X\H[]\HۘH[HY][YHܝ[]KB\[YH۝[H\\ؘ[]H[HHZ[\H[YH[]\[Z[HYHY[\ۈ\›ܝ[]KH[H[[[ق[YH[[[H[\[]^B[XX[HH[Y^H۝[YY]\SH\[K\H\H]œ[\]\][\[[[X]B[][ۜ\܈XۛZX^]][ۂZHSH[\˂