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ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN Editor's Note: SHIFT Magazine highly encourages entrepreneurship and independent business ownership, be it franchise, small business, MLM or many of the other options available. This interview was conducted with the intention of helping people make informed decisions, not to cast any business model in a negative light. - Rob SHIFT: How did you get started as a scam buster? EV: I became interested in business opportunity scams when they started to appear everywhere on YouTube. I was a long time YouTube video creator and a small business owner. I noticed how scam business opportunities used claims that were clearly false to me in my mind as a small business owner, but seemed to not be clear to people who did not have any experience in running a business. My knowledge and skills made me a perfect match for taking on the many business opportunity scams. Amway was one of the first scams I challenged and they are the inspiration of many of the largests scams that are running today. SHIFT: In your research, what are some of the most unethical MLM business practices you have seen? EV: There are four main practices that I find unethical in the MLM business world: 1. Many “Fake it until they make it!” and use lies and deception to recruit people. 2. Many teach you to turn every person close to you into someone to exploit for money. 3. Many tell you everyone can succeed if they just work hard when in reality it is mathematically impossible when recruiting two or more people is required for success. 4. Many use very powerful group pressure techniques to intimidate people into signing up with their programs. 3. What are a few examples of the types of scams out there? We all know about the "make money stuffing envelopes at home" but have they stepped up their level of sophistication? Binary Option scams are complex scams that get you to invest money in a rigged trading platform. As soon as you sign up and put the minimum $250.00 to do some binary options online you will receive a call from a “SENIOR ANALYST” to invest more money for long term options. 37