SHIFT Magazine - Page 34

SHIFT 3. STOP CREATING MENTAL BARRIERS Our brains are programmable. This means that if you say or think things like: 4. SUPERCHARGE YOUR LEARNING I am a performance coach and wrote a book on speed learning. There are certain habits and techniques that can greatly help you learn math. If I was enrolled in a college math class next week, this is exactly what I would do: I'm awful at math I am not smart enough for this I'll never understand this Your brain will literally assign your physiology to FOLLOW these statements. You'll dread opening a textbook, will find anything to do but your homework, and will have an active opposition to learning. Not a very good strategy. Our actions are defined by the things we say and think. Try something like: A. Sit in the front of the class and take COPIOUS notes B. Ask for help anytime something isn't clear C. Use diagrams, colors, and real life examples to create cognitive remembrance for concepts D. Use Youtube/Wikipedia/Google as a side reference to furt