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ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN 2. GATHER RESOURCES There are a lot of ways to learn math besides the traditional cringe-worthy class with long hours of textbook instructions and quizzes. Here are a few goodies that can ease the pain: Our fear of math can come from a few different areas: 1. Fear of looking "dumb" in front of others 2. Anxiety at not being able to understand a concept the first time 3. Deep rooted belief from being teased about lack of intelligence 4. Not seeing value in learning it 5. Cultural or gender based fear 6. A subconscious desire to not want to be alienated for being "smart" A. Khan Academy on Youtube (Click Here for Link) B. Danica Mckellar's Kiss My Math Books - I have EVERY one of these. They are designed really well and have helped me to understand math by explaining concepts in an easy to learn format So what can we do to mitigate these fears? Here are my four best strategies: 1. DECLARE YOUR WHY We study math for several reasons, once you assign a positive rationale for learning it, you will have motivation. A. To complete a degree B. Desire to work in a technical field C. Much higher salary with tech degree D. Enhanced problem solving skills E. Access to greater career opportunities 33