SHIFT Magazine - Page 27

ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN Jessica Riverson (cont) Title: CEO/Permission to Charge Website: 4. What are the websites/resources that are helping you succeed? JR: The tools I use in my business are Leadpages for landing page creation, Facebook Ads for paid advertising, Go to Webinar for webinar platform, Ontraport for email marketing, and Schedule Once for online scheduling. 5. What has been your greatest accomplishment? JR: My greatest accomplishment has been to support coaches, especially women coaches to grow their business to their first 10K or 20K months. Why? Because when a women steps into her power around earning money, incredible things happen. She begins to increase her self-care, feel confident in the ability to provide for her family, invest in things that are meaningful for herself, her family and her community. The whole world shines a little brighter now that this woman is owning her value and worth. 27