SHIFT Magazine - Page 25

ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN Darya Haitoglou Title: CEO/Darya Haitoglou Internatioanal Website: 1. What were the biggest mistakes you made early on? DH: I lived my life according to other people’s aspirations. Because I had a fear of not being able to make it if I were not working for a big corporation. That prevented me from living the best version of me. I lived someone else’s life I feel. 2. What's the change that made the biggest impact on your business? DH: I changed my belief about what’s possible. I deeply believe now you can make your living and help people in whatever you do, if you do it in line with your passion and purpose. 3. What tips would you recommend for new entrepreneurs? DH: Do as much self-development work as possible. When we get an alignment with who we are, we live a better version of our life. So live your full potential. If you are scared, move towards that direction. Behind our fears lie our deepest dreams. Imagine in 30 years from now, what would you like to have accomplished and how would you like to feel? Make the best of your time on this planet. 4. What are the websites/resources that are helping you succeed? DH: I love,,, and movavi. Soon most of the world will be online so we need to learn tools that help people irrespectively of where they are. Social networking on facebook, instagram, webinars and activecampaign, all these are helpful for new starters. 5. What has been your greatest accomplishment? DH: Although I was very scared to ‘go solo’ and leave a comfortable job, in the first month of my entrepreneurial career I made more money than in a 6-figure corporate job, was interviewed on BBC and invited by Arianna Huffington to be a blogger on HuffPost. It’s all possible :) 25