SHIFT Magazine - Page 22

SHIFT Erica Duran (cont) Title: Business Coach Website: 2. What's the change that made the biggest impact on your business? ED: The change that made the biggest aspect on my business was to stop following and listening to a bunch of “experts” and find one mentor that was living the lifestyle I wanted for myself. This process also uncovered more of a personal brand so the more I was myself in my branding, messaging, and content the more successful I became and the more money I made. Plus, it was a hell of a lot more fun and effortless working in this way in alignment. 3. What tips would you recommend for new entrepreneurs? ED: I know that it is exciting at first to jump in and create your website, get business cards, get your corporation set up, and all these other little details but I would take some time before all that and really decide what type of lifestyle you would like to have first and then design a business that will fit into it. You don’t want to create a job for yourself that has you working longer hours and harder than when you had a 9 to 5 job. You don’t want to be married to your laptop. So decide on all your lifestyle goals first, and then create a business to fit into that. 4. What are the websites/resources that are helping you succeed? ED: Resources and tools that are helping me succeed are Asana, Coconut Calendar, 17 Hats, and Meet Edgar along with a bunch of wealth consciousness books. My Free Strategy Session My Free Guide 5. What has been your greatest accomplishment? ED: I think the greatest accomplishment so far has been being able to see my clients create their success. That what I’m guiding them with and supporting them on is really changing their lives, stop second-guessing themselves, get out of feeling overwhelmed and stuck, and funding their dreams. 22