SHIFT Magazine - Page 21

ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN Erica Duran Title: Business Coach Website: 1. What were the biggest mistakes you made early on? ED: Wow! There are so many to choose from! Some of the biggest mistakes I made early on was not defining or claiming a target market, not hiring a coach, and not being clear or believing that I could design my lifestyle first and business second. As far as claiming my target market, I thought that didn’t apply to me. I thought other people had to do that, but I thought that everyone could benefit from what I was teaching. Which at the time was true - everyone could probably benefit from it, but “everyone” is just too many people to go after with any type of strategy. There aren’t enough house in the day to go after “everyone”. What shifted for me on this piece was that I could claim my target and only work with ideal clients. I didn’t have to take what was coming to me. There were enough people in the world so I could choose them, focus, and start earning a lot more. I didn’t hire a coach for two years after I rebranded! I followed a lot of experts and learned a lot. But you’ll never get all the pieces in place in the right order by just following someone’s blog or listening to their podcasts. There is always something that they will leave out because it is so simple and obvious to them that they don’t think it is important to share with their audience or they are saying that little bit of info for their paid clients. Also, by following someone you’ll never see all that they are doing - just a snapshot. Investing in coaching is to receive expert guidance, support, and accountability. We can’t see our own blind spots. We are all too close to our work. And it is ashamed that we need to be accountable with deadlines and check-ins from someone outside ourselves, but we will are less likely to disappoint others than ourselves. We just have to accept this fact and hire the coach. Another mistake I made was that I would offer programs and services based on where I thought the money would be or if something sounded like a profitable idea. I didn’t think that I could really create what I really wanted to do and get paid enough for it. I wanted to be time and location independent but I kept marketing in-person. I was totally out of alignment with my actions, desires and lifestyle goals. 21