SHIFT Magazine - Page 19

ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN Britny West Title: Mindset Coach Website: 1. What were the biggest mistakes you made early on? BW: In the beginning of my business I played incredibly small with my message and my voice. I wasn’t being authentic and I was writing what I thought everyone wanted to hear vs. what felt true for me. I struggled with comparison-itis, devaluing my own expertise and worth by thinking other coaches had some special “it factor” that I didn’t. Basically I bought into a ton of BS around what was possible for me in my business. Another big mistake I made was putting my first paying client on a pedestal. As a new coach getting my first client felt like the holy grail. I convinced myself that once I had that first client, my business would grow like magic from there. I put way too much pressure on myself and the people I connected with in the beginning, not realizing that signing one client was just a milestone like any other. I know I would have shown up much more authentically and powerfully during my free sessions (and attracted a paying client earlier on) if I’d only realized this sooner. 2. What's the change that made the biggest impact on your business? BW: Digging deep into my money story and challenging my scarcity mindset has completely transformed my life and business. In the beginning I was terrified to invest even $100 in my business. I was that person who didn’t want to spend more than $10 on a shirt. I grew up poor so I had to release a lot of resentment towards wealthy people and what wealth symbolized so I could increase my capacity to receive in my business. Doing this work drastically improved my sales and helped me attract 5 figure months early on in my business. I’m constantly working on my money mindset, because I hit new income ceilings all the time. We all do! 19