SHIFT Magazine - Page 18

SHIFT Jenev Caddell Title: Owner/Jenev Caddell International, LLC Website: 1. What were the biggest mistakes you made early on? JC: The biggest mistake I’ve made (more than once) has been trusting someone else more than my own inner voice when it came to building my business. From investing in programs I wasn’t 100% sold on, to using language a coach suggested instead of my own, these were some rookie mistakes I made that felt like they held me back. However - all mistakes give us lessons, and are necessary, so in retrospect they happened because they had to and taught me a lot about myself and where I needed to grow. 2. What's the change that made the biggest impact on your business? JC: Trusting myself and bringing more of my own authenticity into my work. It’s so much easier that way. 3. What tips would you recommend for new entrepreneurs? JC: There is no blueprint or cookie cutter to getting your business right. Stay true to yourself, trust in failing forward, keep the faith, get support, and remember, you may be 3 feet from gold, so don’t stop digging. 4. What are the websites/resources that are helping you succeed? JC: I love Denise Duffield-Thomas’ work: I also use Edgar so I can step away from social media but still have some kind of presence: Many of the resources I use are more for personal development and don’t have websites, e.g., running, meditating, listening to music, doing the inner work I also love 5. What has been your greatest accomplishment? JC: Helping to keep my two small children alive, healthy and seemingly happy. 18