SHIFT Magazine - Page 16

SHIFT 5) Sharing Leadership: In a world where leading across a fluid network is becoming the norm, being able to effectively share leadership is the best option. In an alliance structure telling partners what to do may quickly lead to having no partners. All parties have to be able to work together to achieve the common good. SHIFT: What is YOUR big goal for 2016? MG: My big goal for 2016 is to continue doing what I am doing and loving my life. I do what I do for two reasons: I love the work itself and enjoy the process. It makes me happy. I think that the results of what I do help people have a little better lives. It is meaningful to me. Happiness and meaning are good reasons to do anything! SHIFT: Please be BRUTALLY honest with these answers: Today's coaches need to do less (of everything) and do more (of what they are really good at) to be successful. 16 Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's Website