SHIFT Magazine - Page 14

SHIFT Answering the Daily Questions forces me to look at and live my values every day. If I believe something matters I put it on the list and do it! If I really don’t want to do it, I can see the long string of 0s next to my daily attempts, face the reality that it isn’t going to happen, and let it go. As an executive coach I work directly with CEOs. I meet with them and get to know them and understand what makes them tick. In some ways this is like one-on-one research because I learn so much from the people I work with about what makes organizations tick. Of the three, writing is not my most favorite area. But I’ve been lucky Imagine that a coach was going to to team with some amazing writers and call you every night and listen to you as a result my writing has impacted so answer questions about your life. many people. What questions would you want to ask yourself, every day? SHIFT: The thing I REALLY admired about your videos was the discussion SHIFT: Should all coaches turn to on facing shame and asking for help in writing books and public speaking to weak areas. Is this an essential thing to grow professionally? learn for success? MG: I am inspired by the fact that I get to do what I love. I’m not motivated terribly by money but I’m really lucky that what I do provides me with a healthy living. I think if it is at all possible, coaches should do what they love to do. MG: Yes, asking for help is a huge determining factor in whether or not we will be successful in our change efforts. Enlisting someone else to help us isn’t our first impulse when we dive into a self-improvement campaign in our professional lives. I basically do three things: I’m a teacher, a coach, and a writer. As a teacher I speak to both small groups and audiences of thousands of people and I enjoy that immensely Part of why we don’t ask for help is ego. It’s the reason some people can’t ask for directions when they’re lost. We can’t admit that we need help. We can’t admit that someone else might know more than we do about how we can change for the better. 14