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ADVANCED LIFE DESIGN SHIFT: Can you tell us about your new That Saturday morning, wearing my last clean shirt, I did as directed, then book Triggers? What is the greatest value for readers? joined several of the Girl Scout leaders down the hall, where they MG: Triggers has been a great success. were having a light breakfast. In fact, Amazon just listed it as one of the 100 Best Leadership & Success Books As we were talking, one of the women to Read in a Lifetime. This list included looked up and nodded to a friend. I classics from the past, newer books, followed her gaze to where I, along with everyone else in the room, could management books and self-help see Frances walking down the hallway books. Both Triggers and What Got carrying my dirty laundry. As the CEO, You Here Won’t Get You There were recognized in the Top 100 books ever she could have asked anyone on her written in this category. In fact, I’m staff to handle this chore and they one of only two authors to have two would have done it. But she did it books on Amazon’s ‘all-time greatest’ herself. list! Frances was just being herself. One of the tools I love from Triggers Without even thinking about it, she is the Daily Questions process. The demonstrated leadership and her Daily Questions are such an important dedication to service. Her small, fleeting gesture was not missed by the part of my life that I do a selfquestioning exercise every day and women I was talking with. have for years. I value the process so much that I teach all of my clients Keep this in mind as you try to carry this exercise in my coaching out your mission, whatever it may be. engagements and classes! There will be little on-the-radar moments where you think you can Every day I challenge myself by relax. Don’t do it. The little moments answering 32 questions that represent are precisely when we reinforce the behavior that I know is important, but value of our mission in the biggest easy to neglect given the pressures way. that surround all of us today. The number 32 isn’t magic, the ́Ѽ)ͬѡյȁՕѥ́ѡЁ͕+aɥЁȁ׊d((((