SHIFT Magazine - Page 12

SHIFT 3. Find your own market niche. Work to develop a special competency that differentiates you from everyone else. Look for market needs that everyone else may not have considered. Ask yourself: What should be done that isn’t being done? SHIFT: Was your progression and success based on good networking, amazing content, or both? A person doesn't reach your level of success without a consistent plan, It's fascinating to see your history and amazing demand as a speaker. MG: My progression and success has been built on both good networking and valuable content. Most importantly, I focus on what I do. I am a behavioral coach. For example, I am not an expert on strategy so I don’t coach people on this topic. There are lots of great coaches who do, and I refer leaders to them. I am a behavioral coach. If someone wants to change their behavior, I can help. Peter Drucker once told me that companies should be able to "put their mission statement on a T-shirt." The same can be true for executive coaches! For example, my own mission is to be the world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior. Your customers (or employers) will respect you more if you do not pretend to know everything about everything but instead have a unique brand. SHIFT: Who was a person you got to meet that surprised even you? Why were they so engaging? MG: There are many wonderful leaders. Frances Hesselbein is a hero of mine and one of my best friends. When she was the CEO of the Girl Scouts, Peter Drucker said she was the greatest leader he had ever met. Years ago Frances asked if I would conduct a leadership training session for a gathering of her major city chapter leaders at the Girl Scouts’ conference center. My only open day was a Saturday. Frances said, “You are a volunteer. If you are willing to work on a Saturday, we are willing to work on a Saturday.” I was embarrassed, but then I said, “Frances, this is awkward for me, but I’ll have been on the road for more than a week before I see you. There’s only so much I can carry with me. I’m going to need help with my laundry.” “No problem,” she said. “We have laundry facilities at the conference center. Just pile up the dirty laundry on the floor of your room and we’ll get it cleaned for you.” 12