SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 7

Advanced Life Design SHIFT: What tools does Auden Digital bring for a business owner that they might not have access to? Alex: That’s an easy one - data. We have data from more sources than you can imagine, and we use 2 separate AI platforms to help us analyze and prioritize implementing changes based on that data. We give all of our clients visual dashboards of all of their metrics through our partnership with Databox, and we use industry-leading software like HubSpot, SEMRush, and Zapier to ensure that everything our clients get is backed by data-driven decisions around what’s best for their business. SHIFT: How should people contact you? Alex: If they want to see what we have to offer before they spend any time chatting with us, we have several free tools on our website they can check out. The first is a full technical website audit that uncovers 6 different categories of technical errors with SEO, site performance, security and more that can all contribute to lost sales. The second is a competitor analysis so they can see where their competitors are currently outranking them and how to quickly secure easy wins there. The third is a free Databox account where they can play with some basic metrics and see the power that the data dashboards can bring, keeping in mind the free account allows for 3 templates, and the paid version allows for 20 custom boards. All of those tools can be found at our website at If they want to speak to us directly, they’re of course welcome to call us at 737-808-0550. Click for Auden Digital Website 7 Team Strategy Session