SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 6

SHIFT SHIFT: Digital Marketing is such a big field, what specific pain points does your company solve? Alex: Auden’s biggest strength is our automation. With digital marketing being as vast as you mentioned, companies that scale incorrectly quickly find themselves with dozens of different software systems and having to repeat work manually to keep things moving. We keep that train wreck from occurring before it even leaves the platform. We set up integrated end-to-end sales and marketing platforms that unify both departments into a single seamless system. When your customers buy something on your website and are automatically enrolled in next week’s scheduled email advertising a new product, we’re able to increase the retention rate, value, and satisfaction of each client. SHIFT: What can a client expect from working with you? Alex: We have a team of specialists across every aspect of digital marketing. One person will guide the client through every step of the process and ensure that we’re meeting our goals, but a whole team will be working in the background to ensure that the best possible work is done in any aspect of marketing. Our clients tend to be pretty ecstatic with our results, and our reviews definitely reflect the enthusiasm with which they recommend what we do. Actual Client Results 6