SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 5

Advanced Life Design A U D E N D I G I T A L C E O ALEX LEYBOVICH Alex Leybovich is a digital marketer and CEO of Auden Digital. He focuses on E-Commerce and developing systems that improve numerous processes in their sales cycle. SHIFT: Alex, thanks for letting us interview you. What’s Auden Digital do? SHIFT: Who is their ideal client? Alex: Thanks for having me Rob. Auden Digital focuses on helping e-commerce companies remove the resistance in their sales funnels. This can be improving visibility, increasing conversions, recapturing lost customers, or whatever. The main thing we do is help business executives get a clear picture of their marketing efforts, and work with them to improve their profitability, end-to-end. Alex: For the agency, we value long term partnerships with companies that are looking to grow, and looking for expert guidance in doing it the right way. Every business owner has a story about some web developer they paid a couple grand to that built them a barely-functional website, and they got no return on it. We want people who can look past the “do-it-yourself” solutions and understand that real marketing growth takes extensive strategy and expertise. If they’re looking for the best strategy (notice: I didn’t say fastest or cheapest) we can help them turn a hoopty into a 10- second car. 5