SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 4

Ask the Pros What are the first things I should do to adjust my business to Covid 19? "Your immediate strategy is contingent upon what type of business you have. Sit down and analyze which components are affected by lockdowns, supply shortages, etc." Rob Garcia "Next start reviewing your income streams. Can you pivot and create a few new sources that are directly related to what you have available?" "Take every opportunity for PPP loans and government programs to help fund your employee wages. If you lose some streams of revenue start thinking about how you can take your knowledge and monetize. A restaurant owner can start a Youtube cooking channel and get paying sponsors, a barber can teach homemade haircuts and have hair supply companies sponsor it, etc." "Remember that ANYONE can start a media platform (you are reading mine RIGHT NOW. Take your expertise and start teaching it. The first three things you can monetize are courses, Ebooks, and consulting calls." 4