SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 32

SHIFT YVR: Your event was great. I enjoyed the people, your content, Manny’s content, the location was absolutely gorgeous. It was a great time of connecting and learning. SHIFT: Day 2 was great when you got to speak and encourage others to follow their dreams. Do you enjoy mentoring and speaking? YVR: It is my passion. As a coach/mentor to thousands across the nation, I strive to always keep growing personally. I do this by doing 30-day challenges for myself in different areas of my life, by meditating, by reading at least 2-3 books a month, by connecting with other high performers, like yourself, and many other disciplines. SHIFT: What advice would you have for young women in business that need inspiration? YVR: What a great question. I would say, find yourself a mentor that you truly admire and respect and that are in the shoes that you see yourself in. Don’t settle for less. Never give up because that’s just not in your vocabulary. Always bet/gamble on yourself. Practice continuous growth, rather than quick/rapid growth. Read a lot… you’ll see why when you start practicing this discipline. SHIFT: You are now involved in large scale commercial real estate investing. What are the challenges you face in that field? YVR: I think currently there’s an uncertainty that no one knows what will happen in many different areas of real estate and our lives, in general. I think all we can do is keep an eye out on the market, get our ducks in a row to be able to acquire real estate when the opportunities arrive. Focus on building multiple streams of income based on your expertise and passions. Attending Speaker Media Bootcamp 34